The Texas Independence Day Celebration, held in San Benito, Texas, was created by the Texas Heritage and Independence Celebration Association (THICA), to commemorate and honor the bravery and courage of all the Texians and Tejanos (Texas-born citizens of Mexican and Spanish ancestry) who fought and died for Texas Independence from Mexico.  These brave Tejanos and Texians helped make Texas and the United States what it is today.  Join us in celebrating the story of our culture and reliving Texas history!


Our main attraction will be our re-enactments of the Battle of Gonzales, the Battle of the Alamo, and the Battle of San Jacinto, with the roar of the cannons and smoking fire from the muskets. Everyone needs to see how it all started in the direct confrontation between the Mexican Lieutenant and the Texian Colonel over the possession of the small cannon at Gonzales. The brave men defending the Alamo to the last man, as well as seeing Capt. Juan Seguin lead his Tejanos to victory along with Gen. Houston and the Texas Army on the plain of San Jacinto!


Other attractions will be our invitation to the public to participate in the "signing" of the Texas Declaration of Independence with the names of the 59 Texas Patriots including Jose Antonio Navarro, Francisco Ruiz, and Lorenzo de Zavala, our 4th Annual IBCA sanctioned Bar-B-Que cook-off, music, food and craft vendors, as well as our art contest.

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